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6 Great Ancient Mysteries of China

has been a world power for as long as they’ve existed as a
sovereign nation. Despite the fact that they always play a big role
in political and military crises of our past, there’s still a lot
we don’t know about this great country.

their present isn’t exactly crystal clear, the thing that causes
the most mystery is actually China’s rich past. Let’s take a look
at some truly mysterious things that have happened on Chinese soil.


Ancient Chinese mirrors called t’ou
kuand ching
are definitely some of the
weirdest objects in the world. These mirrors have a secret ability to
reflect the patterns decorated on the back of the mirror when the
light strikes the undecorated polished front exterior.

“Magical” mirrors | 6 Great Ancient Mysteries of China | Brain Berries

Fu Disappearance

all know of the terra cotta army in the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. That’s
not the only weird thing ol’ Qin did, however. He ordered one of
the “magicians” that he surrounded himself with, Xu Fu, to find
the elixir of life that would make Qin immortal. Naturally, Xu Fu
came back empty handed the first time, claiming monsters prevented
him from reaching the elixir. The emperor sent him back with a group
of archers as back up, but then Xu Fu never came back at all and was
never heard from again. According to Japanese legend, he stranded in
their country and was even revered there as a god.

Xu Fu Disappearance | 6 Great Ancient Mysteries of China | Brain Berries

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