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21 Celebrities With Incredible Hidden Talents

Some celebs have dark
secrets nobody will ever know about, some leak their controversial
and intimate details just to get more popular, and then there are
stars who have awesome hidden talents, that they’re not embarrassed
to show on national TV!

Which celeb can pogo like
a champ, who can ride a unicycle, and who could give Chuck Norris a
run for his money when it comes to karate?

Here are 21 celebrities with awesome hidden talents!

1. James McAvoy and Mark Ruffalo both know how to ride a unicycle.

2. Kendall Jenner can chirp like a bird!

3. 5 minutes – that how long Margot Robbie can hold her breath underwater.

4. Taylor Lautner has uncanny reflexes and can catch a small grape in his mouth from 15 feet away.

5. Jessie J can sing pretty fine, but she also knows how to do it without opening her mouth.

6. Give Rebel Wilson nunchucks and prepare to die!

7. Big guy Terry Crews loves playing the flute.

Fuente: 21 Celebrities With Incredible Hidden Talents
Author: BrainyBerry


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